Being involved in a semi-truck accident is a devastating experience that often results in life-threatening injuries and even death. When a victim is injured or killed due to a semi-truck driver’s negligence, it may be possible to seek compensation for damages, medical bills and even income loss.

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What Are Some Common Causes of Truck Driving Accidents?

Lack of Sleep & Fatigue

Sleep deprivation is a major cause of many trucking accidents. Truck drivers are known for driving long distances in order to meet high scheduling demands. Some truck drivers often trade sleep for hours. As a result, they’re more likely to be involved in an accident. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can actually cause brain impairment as much as drinking alcohol.

Poor Truck Maintenance

Some trucking companies will neglect performing repairs in order to meet delivery quotas. These companies should be held liable for failure of maintaining their trucks. They can also be held legally liable when poor quality equipment results in a collision.

Driving Distractions

Whether a truck driver is manually entering directions into a GPS, texting or talking on the phone-—that’s enough for a driver to divert his or her attention off the road and cause an accident.


Texting while driving is illegal in some states, but this hasn’t stop many truck drivers from continuing to text while driving.


Truck drivers who go over the speed limit can place themselves and others at risk of an accident. A speeding truck is more dangerous compared to an automobile mainly because truckers carry more weight—over 10,000 lbs. worth.

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