Fresno residents should not hesitate to consider a brain injury lawsuit if they or someone they love is the victim of a head injury in any situation. Traumatic brain injury can be devastating. The brain controls every function of the human body. Injured brains cause a range of problems, none of which are pleasant to think about let alone endure. If you or a loved one has recently or previously suffered traumatic brain injury in any way, don’t put off speaking with an attorney who has experience representing Fresno brain injury lawsuits. You need a knowledgeable and dedicated injury lawyer on your side.

A Fresno Brain Injury Settlement Will Help Pay For Future Medical Bills

The cerebrum, or ‘main brain’ is divided into four sections, or lobes. A person with a parietal lobe injury may show symptoms that are not the same as those displayed by someone with occipital lobe trauma. Not all brain trauma or injury is alike. When a person’s life is changed by brain injury, Fresno brain injury lawsuits may be appropriate. A Fresno brain injury settlement can pay for bills and pain and suffering, too.

Our Fresno Brain Injury Lawyers Are Well Aware Of Brain Structure And Functions

The much-folded structure called the cerebellum is responsible for movement, balance and posture. Damage to the cerebellum can be paralyzing. It is important to remain aware of the following brain system functions:

  • The frontal lobe is where a person makes plans, solves problems and feels emotions. It’s also partially responsible for speech and language.
  • The parietal lobe is associated with recognition, orientation and perception.
  • The occipital lobe is where a person processes visual stimuli.
  • The temporal lobe stores memories and is associated with hearing. The temporal lobe is also partially responsible for speech.
  • The brain stem is the part of the brain structure that’s most like the brains of our ancient ancestors. Comprised of the mid-brain, pons, and medulla, the brain stem controls the most basic functions of life: breathing, blood pressure, and heartbeat.

Don’t Put Off Speaking With An Attorney Who Has Experience Representing Fresno Brain Injury Lawsuits

If someone you love has suffered a severe brain injury, please accept a free and personal consultation with one of the compassionate Fresno brain injury lawyers at The Wagner Law Group. A Fresno brain injury settlement won’t put a brain back together, but it could help pay for medical bills, mortgages and expenses of everyday life.

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