The 2018 Tulare County
“Reign of Terror”

(KSEE 24)

In December 2018, Gustavo Garcia walked into Walmart, reached behind an unattended counter, stole ammunition with no issues and went on his “Reign of Terror.” This included two killings, a carjacking, an armed robbery, and a shootout with officers.

(KSEE 24)

Among the victims was 51-year-old Rocky Jones. Rocky was shot by Garcia in an AMPM parking lot that day. He was a father, son, grandfather, uncle, cousin, and friend to many. (Heavy)


Jody Jones, the brother of Rocky is looking to WLG to bring justice for his brother. Jones told reporters, “You don’t think it’s gonna happen to you or your family. But gosh, when it does happen, you hope there are laws there that hold people accountable. But there’s just not here now.” (Heavy)

Butch Wagner is representing the families in the lawsuit against Walmart after the nation’s largest retailer failed to secure it’s ammunition properly, allowing the gunman to easily steal it. The families of victims are insisting that Walmart change its negligent practices.

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