We are experienced wrongful death attorneys in Fresno. It is horrible and tragic when someone else’s negligence causes you to lose a loved one. The situation can get complicated, so you need the assistance of a Fresno wrongful death lawyer or accidental death lawyers.

At The Wagner Law Group, we understand the emotional and financial toll this can take. We have the knowledge and experience to get you through the hardships, and strive to make things better for you. Our Fresno wrongful death lawyers and will support you through the process of receiving adequate compensation for your loss.

Work With A Compassionate Wrongful Death Attorney In Fresno

We match you with an expert wrongful death attorney in Fresno who helps you face insurance companies and other legal battles when you need it most. When you must deal with the pain of loss, we set up a Fresno wrongful death lawsuit. As compassionate wrongful death lawyers, our top priority is making things as easy as possible. While you may not have your spirit in a courtroom, our Fresno wrongful death attorneys we will fight for you and your deceased loved one. A Fresno death lawsuit may take time to settle, but it is crucial to get started right away.

Fresno Wrongful Death Lawyers Who Care

There are two types of legal claims that make up a Fresno death lawsuit. Certain damages will have a set monetary value, but others are less tangible and relate to emotional and mental anguish and suffering. It takes skill from a Fresno death case lawyer to persuade a jury to award a fair amount of money. A wrongful death claim includes loss of companionship and other mental stress.

A Fresno wrongful death lawsuit also collects compensation for losses to a loved one’s estate. A Fresno accidental death attorney will initiate a survivor action lawsuit to receive money that covers expenses including a funeral, burial, unpaid medical bills, and other expenses you might incur during the whole affair. We fight for the estate, so all debts are right settled in a timely manner.

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Fresno death lawyers can help children, siblings, or other family members and friends of the victim. You deserve compensation after an automobile accident, boating accident, or medical malpractice has taken a precious life. We know you and the deceased deserve quality representation and defense. Our team has over three decades of experience getting positive results.

You deserve a Fresno wrongful death attorney who will answer all your questions and explain your rights. We implore you to contact a Fresno death case lawyer at The Wagner Law Group. Here, you will find a Fresno accidental death attorney who is dedicated to protecting your rights and delivering compensation for tragedy. Call now to speak with experienced wrongful death attorneys in Fresno

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